Who Embraces Bluewater Sailing?
source: https://switchedonsailing.com/what-drives-adventurous-souls-to-bluewater-sailing/
The personal characteristics of the people who chase bluewater sailing are varied... but it's safe to say they are passionate about sailing and seek adventure
Here are some of the common traits in the hearts of these individuals:
Adventurous: Bluewater sailors are naturally inclined to seek out new experiences and challenges. They have a desire to explore uncharted waters, discover remote islands, and embark on exciting journeys. Courageous: Bluewater sailing can often involve facing unpredictable weather conditions, navigating unfamiliar territories, and encountering various challenges. Bluewater sailors exhibit courage and are willing to take calculated risks to push their limits and explore new horizons. Resilient: Sailing adventures can be physically and mentally demanding, requiring resilience to face adversity, cope with difficult conditions, and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Bluewater sailors possess the ability to bounce back from setbacks and maintain a positive attitude. Independent: Bluewater sailing often involves self-reliance and making decisions in remote locations where immediate help may not be readily available. Bluewater sailors are comfortable being self-sufficient, taking charge of their vessel, and making important decisions on their own. Curious: Bluewater sailors have a natural curiosity and an insatiable desire to learn. They are fascinated by the intricacies of sailing, navigation, and exploring new destinations. They actively seek knowledge, continuously improve their skills, and expand their understanding of the world. Resourceful: Being out on the open sea requires resourcefulness and the ability to problem-solve with limited resources. Bluewater sailors possess practical skills, creativity, and adaptability to find solutions to the challenges that may arise during their sailing adventures. Connected with Nature: Sailing often provides an intimate connection with nature, where sailors can witness breathtaking sunsets, encounter marine life, and experience the raw power of the ocean. Bluewater sailors have a deep appreciation for the natural world and strive to preserve and protect it.

Your Mindset for Bluewater Sailing

Bluewater sailing attracts a unique breed of adventurers who possess a passion for pushing the limits, mastering the elements, and seeking a connection with nature.Though bluewater sailors face risks and difficulties, they also gain invaluable experiences, strengthen crucial life skills and form lasting bonds with both companions and the world around them.
For every exhausting storm battled, there awaits a quiet anchorage with new sights, sounds and sensations to savor. For every challenge overcome, bluewater sailors gain a renewed sense of self-confidence, resourcefulness and resilience. And for every mile traveled, another horizon opens to even greater wonders yet unseen.
Bluewater sailing may begin with the intrepid spirit of adventure, but it cultivates so much more over time: an appreciation for small pleasures, a feeling of oneness with the ocean and an expansive vision of life's possibilities.
Though the journey presents obstacles, bluewater sailors ultimately find joy in the process itself - in testing their limits, tightening their skills and experiencing every sense fully alive.
And though the path ahead may be uncertain, bluewater sailors sail onward with confidence, knowing a new dawn awaits just beyond the darkness and challenges of the night.
So embrace the challenge, welcome the uncertainty and savour the simplicity of living on nature's terms.
For beyond the unpredictability lies peace, beyond the struggle lies strength and beyond any horizon lies adventure, freedom - and a life fully lived.