Blue Water Sailing Adventures - Switched On Sailing
Does history really repeat itself? Are we seeing a repeat of what happened in the 1970s?... when people chased Adventure... even Sailing Adventures
It was the end of the Vietnam war and the USA was suffering from oil embargoes. Gasoline prices were through the roof and there was a prevailing sense of doom and gloom.
So what did some people do?
They bought a boat and went cruising... and ' bluewater sailing and sailing adventures' took off as a lifestyle activity.
And now decades later, the pandemic has triggered exactly the same reaction... many people are saying 'life is too short so let's go now'.It's boom times in the sailing industry as adventurers head back to an incredibly rewarding way of life and freedom.

Look At The Explosion In Growth

Just take a look at the rapid growth in sailing channels on YouTube and the size of their audiences. Boat builders have forward orders reaching out for several years.
There's this sense of urgency to go now, do it now... and people are buying sailboats today when they don't really know what they need for their intended cruising style. Coastal or Blue Water?

Life Is For Living...

Along with the increased desire for Adventure and Freedom, there have been new developments in advanced technology for working remotely.
More and more people have considered the possibility of working from a boat these days... so you don't have to lose your career when you cut the docklines.
For many, you can do both... go sailing and work. You have the opportunity to continue to expand your career or business and still have an amazing lifestyle.
Of course, there are some limitations particularly if you literally need to be connected online in a way that allows you to respond hour by hour... but hey, let's see how Starlink develops.
It can be challenging but if you can keep your money rolling in while cruising... you're laughing.
Of course, it definitely works better if you have your own business... because then you have more flexibility to set your own schedule.

Taking The Leap To Sailing Adventures

All in all, there's a new wave of Adventure Sailors chasing their dreams now or to put it another way... more and more people are looking for sailing adventures to escape and explore.
Sure, it's a big jump to go out and buy your own yacht because there are plenty of pitfalls. So many aspiring adventure sailors are putting their toes in the water first by turning to businesses that offer sailing expeditions and/or training in exotic locations.
Two that come to mind are Ocean Sailing Expeditions helmed by David Hows and 59 North helmed by Andy Schell and Mia Karlsson. Both operators share a similar mission and David Hows expresses it as...
"To sail with everyday people to rare and remote places, to participate with passion in ocean races and adventures and undertake expeditions we'll remember and treasure, for the rest of our lives" - David Hows, Ocean Sailing Expeditions
And in the words of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston - the first person to perform a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation of the globe...
"There's no satisfaction at all in staying at home...You're doing a hard thing. But you'll have something to be proud of when you've done it.
Otherwise, if you just do the easy things, what's to be proud of? Go for the tough things. That's how you get satisfaction in life. And what fun it is, to go out in life and to take something on"
Your sailing adventures can be coastal passages and finding new locations to anchor and relax... or you can reach out and chase some blue water passages.
Regardless of your choice, Let's Go... Carpe Diem!