Switched On Sailing Magazine... Exciting Adventures... New Horizons
source: https://switchedonsailing.com/switched-on-sailing-magazine-surfs-the-wave/
It's been three weeks since the launch of the inaugural issue of our sailing magazine and the response has been absolutely inspiring...
We are already being accessed in 24 countries... and when we are so recently out of the gate, it is humbling.
So it's time for me to publicly say 'Thank You' to all of the supporters and subscribers who've made Switched On Sailing Magazine a Reality.
I also want to say 'Congratulations'... because just by reading this post, you are tapping into a community of adventure sailors, bucket list sailors, and aspiring sailors who want to live life to the fullest.Let's face it... strong camaraderie and a willingness to offer a helping hand are traits that make sailors Special... it's just natural for sailors to bond over shared experiences and challenges.Plus... Sailors openly share tips and tricks for handling difficult weather conditions or mechanical problems... and usually step up to offer emotional support during troublesome times.I'll be working hard to make sure everyone feels those Values in Switched On Sailing Magazine.
Switched On Sailing Magazine certainly has big shoes to fill if one day we are to be as respected as Yachting World.
But Hey... Yachting World has been around for a long time now and needs some new competition 🙂
In case you don't know... Yachting World was first published in 1894 and has been an Icon.

Challenges For A New Sailing Magazine

Realistically, for Switched On Sailing Magazine, it would be a David and Goliath contest with Yachting World... but there's nothing like a challenge on the high seas... right?
I like to think of Yachting World as more like the Spanish Armada...
And Switched On Sailing Magazine being like the faster and more nimble Privateer ships who challenged the power of the Armada.
So we'll be listening to our community and will rapidly adapt when needed. We'll listen to your needs and suggestions but you also have to tell us your thoughts... just use the Contact Us page.
We won't be driven by or compromised by a need for a big Advertising Spend. There's no band of corporate shareholders that we need to please... so perhaps we are more flexible than the Yachting World structure.
Overall, the companies that advertise in Switched On Sailing Magazine will be companies that we feel can bring value to our Community.
Our Community is already very interesting... it's quite a spread of people in different countries and it's another aspect of Switched On Sailing Magazine that we'll be watching closely... essentially we want to have a very active Community. There's more coming on that...
When you visit Switched On Sailing Magazine there will be no politics... no drama... just a focus on Adventure and camaraderie. A focus on not letting your Dreams pass by like a Ship in the Night.
There could also be some Controversy and Irreverent Humor... we are sailors after all.
So Welcome Aboard and Harness Up ...Because Switched On Sailing Magazine will be an exciting journey full of Bluewater Sailing, Great Seamanship, Pristine Locations, and Stories about Remarkable Sailors.... images and videos.
Adventure Awaits,Warren Cottis